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Hey this school vacation thing ain’t half bad actually. Finally out of the stifling school and away from certain overbearing students. I’ve made roost in Okinawa’s resort beach hotel the Renaissance Okinawa Resort. Their guest rooms are phenomenal, I mean the room I was living in was pretty good too but the beds are much softer and bigger…no…annoying neighbors popping in unexpectedly. Totally private and isolated from everything, kinda the vacation I needed. The beach is great too, it overlooks the East China Sea and they thought I was older than I looked apparently so I’ve been sipping down Blue Hawaiian Cocktails and lazing on the beach, please, please don’t wake me up from this…I’m having a blast! I might see ya when summer ends if I must. I'll sed a postcard.

If I’m not drafted into another mission first, I think I’ve done my part, I brought the mirror back that was my only responsibility. Now that it is broken and scattered it’s someone else’s problem.


Since school has finally ended I'll be departing, no point in sticking around this place with no Miyu-sensei present.

My sincerest regrets to Chuu, you'll have to wait for that ass kicking or whatever plans you've had in mind since our meeting *chu* ♥

Eh...Tappy-sensei I wont mention all the ways in which you freak me out and I am glad we wont be meeting for a while if you get what I mean, getting over the trauma will take time.

Ah before I leave, Miyu-sensei you have to give me a hug good bye! If you get back soon I'll take you to the Umachii Festival ~.^

My Grades


My grades. Meh that gym teacher is such a hard ass. And Chuu being the only one to make an A in music...well everyone needs a niche.



Geh...I'm still pint-sized, this really blows! I can't seek revenge like this and I can't protect myself like this either!

I think what is worse than that is the waiting, now that the Toguro knows where I live.

Private to Miyuki

Where are you?

Private to Villains

I am not going to go into details, but let's just say I had a very bad day. I'm just over four inches tall, no I wish I was kidding, but I really am. So you wont be seeing me around anytime soon - no I wont tell you when I will be back to my old self just know that I will. Also, know that when I am me again I'll be the one to kill that damned Drunken Jackass! Anyone who lays their hands on him before that time will recieve hell from me, as intimidating as that must sound to you now it'll be worse I promise.

I've also aquired a keeper, who shall remain nameless. Hey, this keeper has a lot of power right now...well I call some shots too, but this keeper controls my contact with the outside.

Anyway I'm being taken care of, it's not so bad, even the no clothes part is pretty fun. How often can you really say you get to enjoy feeling the breeze between your knees? Au naturale as they say, it's cozy when your this size and in your own room.

This doesn't excuse Chuu or the fact that I can't do shit all on my own, I am just glad Yusuke isn't here with his super power fucking whatever elbow drop. Okay I'm done, it's time to brood now...


Just checking in for my routine homework updates. Hope I am not missing anything I have the list of five things people do that is deviant and the poetry. I've been procrastinating on both, but now that it's the end of the month I think I'll just go ahead and do it. Izumi-sensei usually collects his work at the end of the month anyway *shrugs* it's done.

5 Examples of Deviance


That was easier than the poetry, I blow at poetry, but I think it's passable. I have read a lot of books to get the rythm of the different kinds. There are ballads, cinquains, sonnets, acrostics, limericks, free verses, and haikus. I guess this is free verse.


Meum et Tuum

Is it lust or love?
This vicious beast that breaths within me
Violent and carnivorous I find myself raging
Devouring both velvet and sinew
In sweet Machiavellian dreams
Of both mine and thine


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Going back to sleep now...


So, Chuu wants to do me in, what else is new? Except now I think his resolve has strengthened. For some peculiar reason he's had it out for me since day one, even before Miyu came into the picture. I think she just gives him a whole new reason to want to fight me *shrug.* I would say I feel guilty about all of this unofficial flirting, but I don't really, I feel no guilt. Perhaps because this issue started before Miyu and perhaps because she gave me a new reason to fuck with Chuu's head. Since I can't do it outright.

Speaking of Miyu, she agreed to the date so long as I don't tell Chuu. I think he already knows, at least about me asking her anyway. It has nothing to do with romance or even desire, humans don't interest me, they are ants that should consider themselves lucky enough to be my practice targets. It's all part of the great scheme. Miyu, however, is peculiar as I have known all along, this date just might confirm it, though part of me thinks she'll get cold heels before then. I'm not a fool I know this is as much of a game for her as it is for me, but I have no regrets.

So we'll see how this game turns out wont we?

Villains Only

I assume this “White Day” thing is an encore to the recent putrid events of “Valentine’s Day.”

This time I was only mildly disturbed, and even a little amused by the doll wrapped in barbed wire…it’s an excellent stress reliever (at least I wasn’t stuck in a threesome with Yusuke and Kuwabara). If I twist enough...well I rip into the delicate frame of the doll, but the head pops off too. I just put it back on and go for it again.

What a waste of time, but when I think of that head being Chuu’s or even Yusuke’s I feel a sudden shifting of focus...and a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I don’t know what to make of the tag though.


Wouldn’t that require love I wonder? Still does this imply interest, or do I have to deal with a fanatic.

I can’t deny the doll works wonders for my mood.

On another note I’ve been getting strange vibrations from many individuals wandering around the school. I haven’t been introduced to all of you yet, so I am assuming fellow demons in disguise.

Oh and that…Kurama has been sniffing around my ass lately. I think he suspects me of something, the theft perhaps, which is very likely but he has nothing on me. Still he’s been probing me with these pussy-footed questions, but I know what he means to ask.

No matter how many rabbits he tries to pull out of a hat his smoke and mirror act has no effect on me, goading me with questions is a waste.

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[Private to Villains]

Still feel like shit run over twice.

I am getting the most peculiar vibe from the one they call Chuu, for some reason he doesn’t like me, I get the feeling he’s had a bug up his ass about me since my arrival. I should probably be most wary of that one; he’ll probably stalk me for one of two reasons 1. To try and kick my ass (he is the self proclaimed Drunken Master) 2. To try and uncover something unsavory about me so that he might ruin me for certain individuals. I still can’t make heads or tales of him, something tells me he’s not as stupid as he comes off even if he is a brash fighting-man.

[/Private to Villains]


It seems the animosity comes from the woman, Miyu-san. I get the strangest vibes from her as well, something tells me she is more than what she appears (I haven’t been introduced to all of our demon allies...maybe?). It’s not at all unpleasant, this vibe, and I’m tempted to press my luck and see what becomes of it. It’s not like the two are married, a bit involved perhaps, and I just can’t resist seeing Chuu’s reaction. Is this new? Generally I enjoy seeing fear, I don’t think I’ll get the same pleasure from a heartbroken face, or maybe a pissed off face.

Still part of me wants to find out what Miyu-san really is and part of me wants to make the ingrate suffer. I wonder how shall I do it?