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Human Hunter


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I bid you greetings, both to my brethren demons and any human bottom-feeder unfortunate enough to cross my path.

It has been a while since that Urameshi boy had me incarcerated in the spirit world, I damn him and I thank him all at once. You see because of him I have been able to sharpen and hone my skills a bit better...needless to say I have gotten stronger.

I can’t wait to hear his screams and see the look of fear etched on his face.

Rando or Randou:
Whichever name makes you comfortable, he is still a ruthless bastard any way you spell it.

Rando is extremely goal oriented and it seems when he has an objective in mind he always gets his way. He has stolen the abilities of other warriors, including that of ninety-nine psychics and Yusuke’s Reigun. He was going to steal Genkai’s techniques, but he was defeated by Yusuke.

His methods are ruthless and unforgiving, a reflection of his own character. Once he steals an ability he kills the psychic and tests his newfound power out on humans, thus self-proclaiming him the Human Hunter. He thrives off of the fear of his tortured victims making him one of the more twisted villains.

Rando wasn’t easily defeated, it was by sheer dumb-luck and the fact that he ripped off moves without truly understanding them that Yusuke was able to defeat him. Even Genkai admits that if she passed her skill onto Rando he would have probably become stronger than she was and turn her technique into a demonic art. So there is certainly plenty of room for Rando to grow...if he could only understand his own stolen skills.

This copper-haired student with a disarming smile is quite the newbie at Urameshi’s school. He’s charming, intuitive, friendly, and strangely distant from everyone else despite his capacity for popularity. Is he simply eccentric or could it possibly be something else?

Rando is a Yuu Yuu Hakusho™ and ©Yoshihiro Togashi. I do not own or claim to own this character, I only manipulate him like a marionett puppet for the sake of role playing amusement.

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